Female Skateboarding on Instagram

Since 2014, we, Girlshredclips, have been bringing you the top action in female skateboarding. Over the past few years we have gotten a jillion compliments on our feed from viewers expressing their love for our account as it has helped spread around female skateboarding and its culture to the world on social media. As time goes on our account continues to grow, we keep seeing even more style and push put into videos from girl skaters on Instagram. We love to share this content for you, and will keep looking for the best videos in female skateboarding for eternity.

Before social media, there were not many publications touching on female skateboarding. Most magazines only focused on male skateboarding, and only the top pro females would make any sort of publication. Now because of our instagram and others like it, we can see both girls who are just coming to be in the skate world, and also ones who have made it pro. Social media has helped spread word about all different types of female skaters.

Our instagram and others like it, has encouraged the girls to push themselves and aim higher from watching other female skate content. Because there is so much great content out now, girls can watch others and become inspired from others to try new tricks and perfect their own style. We have seen rookies come up and improve over the years and it has been so exhilarating to see!

Due to the competition of trying to get posted on our feed, we see tons of creativity going into skate posts now. We have seen girl trios riding the skatepark together, fashionable skate outfits, incredible skatespots, and even dogs riding skateboards. There are so many extraordinary posts it can be hard for us to choose one sometimes, but adding that extra creativity is always a good way to get noticed.

Social media has really pushed the female skate culture globally, and we are happy to be a part of it. We have been able to post from countries outside of our home U.S. boarders, including Europe, Brazil, and even Africa. It has been amazing to see the different styles and locations the girls come from and has really helped to make our feed unique.

We will continue to do our best in posting great content for you on our social media feeds. Girlshredclips has become a great hobby for us, and we continue to become inspired from it every day. Stay tuned and keep coming back for more female inspiration!

SkateEveryDamnDay Reposted from @desert__dimes just a few of the desert dimes yesterday at @larrysvilla 🎥: @deathpebble

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Donations from the Performance to Benefit Natural Restorations
BARDZ Set to Stream, Thursday, May 14h at 6PM PST
Phoenix, AZ (May 11, 2020)  Relentless Beats has been keeping the streams of communication flowing with fans, partnering with such artists as Blossom, Gerry Gonza, Lick, Ekonovah, Meduza for live performances, as well as tapping both artists and fans to curate playlists. For its latest virtual project, Arizona’s leading promoter of electronic and dance music events ventured out into the desert to film BARDZ playing live with the Sedona skyline as his backdrop. The produced set will stream at 6 PM PST this Thursday, May 14th, across Relentless Beats’ FacebookTwitterTwitch, and YouTube channels.
Partnering with The Seader Project and Creativ Studios, Relentless Beats took this opportunity to help raise awareness and funds for Natural Restorations: a central-Arizona-based 501(c)(3) organization who keeps natural areas clean and open to the public. With a mission to remove trash, graffiti, and anything foreign to the environment from outdoor recreation and wilderness areas, the organization also strives to enrich the lives of Military Veterans and other community members. Natural Restorations works with youth for hands-on service learning opportunities and teach, both children and adults, how they can preserved natural areas for future generations.


Donations made to Natural Restorations support the continued development of hands-on service programs involving youth and community members, as well as assist in the procurement of vital equipment and supplies to aid in cleanup and restoration of the environment. Those looking to contribute can do so at https://www.theseaderproject.org/bardzlivefromsedona on behalf of this special live performance with BARDZ. Additionally, in support of this project, BARDZ took over the Relentless Beats SoundSmith playlist, which is up now. The latest EP from BARDZ, “B-Side Pt 1,” will be dropping on Friday, May 15th, following the Live From Sedona stream. Pre-sale can be reserved by visiting, https://ffm.to/bsidepti.
Visit www.relentlessbeats.com for the most up-to-date information on all Relentless Beats events- virtual or otherwise. Stay connected on Instagram and Twitter at @RelentlessBeats and Facebook at www.facebook.com/relentlessbeats.