Decadence Colorado 2018

decadence co

Decadence Colorado! Wow! Where to even start?? What an amazing festival and what an amazing great time and place to spend New Years at! Decadence CO was an amazing time! I really enjoyed the venue, specially the staff! The staff was very greeting and nice and very helpful which you don’t see at many festivals.

The venue was huge and the location was perfect! Which was at the Convention center located in downtown Denver which by the way is beautiful. Makes it super convenient if you are staying in downtown and something I would recommend in doing for any future go-ers.

Now lets talk about the production which is one of the main things at one of things at big music festivals like Decadence CO. The production blew my mind, the sounds was incredible the bass hit like no other. You can hear the music from the front of the stage to the very back which I really enjoyed and the stage set up was awesome with all the lights and lasers that made it come life and make it feel so unreal.

The set up of the venue was great as well! I kept catching my self starring at the massive cool looking spike balloons that were staged in the middle of the venue which is what really caught my attention.


Now lets talk about the line up! The line up was massive! So many great artist to catch and try not to miss. Starting with the first night Sunday Dec 30th 2018, this was probably the night that had the most artist I had been dying to see.

  • Above & Beyond!! Above & Beyond is one of my favorites artist and they were incredible as usual! Their trancy up lifting beats are always a pleasure to dance to! They had the dance floor non stop grooving and everyone had a smile on there face and you could just notice and tell how happy and how much fun everyone was having. People were hugging each other some where even crying to the touching text the artist type on their stage screens and always seem to get to everyone which is awesome since not many artist can interact with their fans in this way. This set took place at The Vector Stage and the Vector stage brought out and Above & Beyond took over and conquered!
  • Bassnectar!! Aghhhhfjkgfsdjksdvsfd lol sorry about that I still get super excited when I think about this set. Bassnectar is BASSNECTAR and he always shuts down. This year he shut down Decadence Colorado at The Radius Stage!! The production went hand on hand with Bassnectar and the bass showed out. Bassnectar had the Radius Stage rocking it and the crowd head banging like there was no tomorrow it was amazing and a pleasure to catch another Bassnectar set especially at Decadence Colorado 2018!!!
  • last but not least SKRILLEX! YES SKRILLEX! I haven’t seen this amazing artist in years and lost my mind when I saw that he would be playing at Decadence Colorado 2018. Skrillex closed the first night and when I say he closed he closed it! This set was full of energy to beginning to end it was amazing!! This was probably the highlight of my weekend was being able to catch another Skrillex set. The crowd was jumping and dancing everyone was so happy and excited this was an amazing incredible time and way to end the first night of Decadence Colorado 2018

Now that we are done with the first night lets talk about the second night New Year’s eve! New Year’s eve is always magical because it is the ending of the year and spending it at a awesome music festival like Decadence Coloroado is unforgettable and amazing.

  • Griz brought out the year for me and it was just like expected! He rang in the year with an awesome bang it was so much fun to the countdown and watch all the balloons fall into the crowd and to see everyone smiling hugging couples with their new years kiss was pretty awesome. Griz was so good and killed the Radius Stage! I am so glad to have caught this set specially just in time for New Year’s!
  • Marshmello followed and did an amazing job, this was probably one of my favorite Mello sets! The vibe to this set was so New Year’s. It was so uplifting and had all the catchy mainstream popular pop songs on his set everyone was dancing. Everyone was so into it and his way of mixing is incredible. The Vector Stage brought out Marshmello and he ended it and killed it to end the Festival.
  • Svdden Death B2B Must Die! I ended my last 30 minutes with this artist because I just love me some filthy dubstep and some neck breaking. This was an awesome choice for me to end with this set because it was so much fun and so un real. Such a great ending to such an awesome festival! Decadence Colorado 2018!!!!!!!!!


Overall It was a pleasure to be able to be apart of Decadence Colorado! I had the best New Years I’ve ever had and I thank everyone who put this together and the amazing helpful staff! If you ever catch your self thinking “What should I do for New Years This year?” My answer to you would be “Decadence Coloroado!!” if given the opportunity again I wouldn’t think twice to take it. Decadence Co will always be very special to me! Great way to end/start the New Year! Thank you Decadence!!



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