Crush AZ – 10 Year Anniversary Event Recap

Crush AZ – 10 Year Anniversary Event Recap

It was our first year attending Crush AZ in Chandler, Arizona for the 10th Anniversary of Crush by Relentless Beats and Insomniac. It was a great way to spend Valentines Day with DJs including 3lau, Alesso, Anna Lunoe, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Joyride, Seven Lions, Slander, and Wooli. Love was in the air as couples came out together to enjoy the two day event at the Rawhide Event Center.         

You could tell love was all around while couples were walking around holding hands, and enjoying cute Valentine art pieces setup outside for to enjoy looking at when not dancing inside. We had a lot of fun taking cute and romantic pictures underneath the fun photo backdrop. The Tree of Love had paper to write notes on to your sweetie. Overall the theme was perfect for Valentine’s Day, a great way to spend with the one you love most.

The festival had a variety of music from bass to house to EDM, we always have a good time with variety! We were really excited to see Sweedish DJ Alesso, but there were so many other artists we had fun with including (Day 1) Seven Lions, Slander, Joyryde, Spag Heddy, Wuki, Kaivon, and Bardz, (Day 2) Alesso, 3Lau, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Anna Lunoe, and Wooli.

Day 1 on Friday night our top picks were Joyryde and Seven Lions. We always enjoy headbanging to Joyryde’s bass heavy crazy sets. Seven Lions took the cake for Friday however with blue and white lasers beyond belief and playing top tracks including “Higher Love”, “Don’t Leave’, and “Worlds Apart”.

Day 2 we arrived to the festival in time to catch Anna Lunoe who had an exceptional house set with colorful visuals. Our underdog favorite ended up being Black Tiger Sex Machine, and we really got excited to hear them remix our favorite song from Bon Jovi “Livin’ On A Prayer”. Finally, finishing off a romantic weekend at Crush, one of our longtime favorite Sweedish DJs, Alesso, closed out the evening. We had so much fun listening to the beautiful tones and sounds of Alesso, singing and dancing to classics sounds such as “Calling (Loosing My Mind)”, “Heros”, and “Under Control” with the crowd. Our entire team are a huge Alesso fans, so we were really excited we got the opportunity to see this DJ play at Crush.

Overall we think Crush is the best way to spend Valentines Day with your love with the venue, ambiance, music and vibes. So many memories were made from our team and we will never forget the experience. We had an amazing time and are really looking to coming out again for another incredible weekend with Relentless Beats and Insomniac at Crush AZ!

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