Wet Electric 2019 Experience

What’s going on guys! This year, Girlshredclips had the awesome experience of going to the 10th Anniversary of Wet Electric last week Saturday, April 27th. Activated Events and Relentless Beats has hosted this event at Big Surf Tempe with an outstanding setup! The wave pool that held over 2.5 million gallons of water also was the host for the events Main Stage. With an artist line up like Benny Benassi, RL Grime, and What So Not, damn right it was a wild wave pool!

With doors opening at noon at Big Surf, it was a private held event for Wet Electric.  Right when you walked in, the atmosphere was cool! The excitement of being in one of Arizona’s biggest water park and hearing B Stew mix some cool ass sounds together, you could tell the day was going to be one hell of a time! Not to mention the RB Deep Stage took us by surprise! A whole section stage having a whole different set of funky beats! Artist such as Bruno Furlan, Sacha Roboti and Will Clark, we knew this one stage with such a cool setup was going to be packed!

The amenities that came as a guest to the park were all available. Lockers for purchase, food vendors, and an awesome bar right in the center of the festival as well as other locations spread throughout the park. VIP, now, that was cool! Right outside the main stage, a lawn filled with bean bags and hammocks were available for viewing all under a shady area with a bar available for the private viewers.

Once settled, our team grabbed a drink and headed right into the music. One key Dj that literally had everyone at the stage and soaked was, course Benny Benassi! He played almost every hit! But when Cinema played then he dropped the Skrillex remix, every person in that wave pool could not stop moving! It was insane! The music was loud, the people were roaring, singing, dancing, it was awesome!

Stepping outside of the Wave Stage, Girlshredclips had to check out the rides the park had to offer! Big Surf itself was pretty cool! They offered 6 different slides you can plummet from. With lines not bad at all, we did them over and over! Some individual rides and some you can do with a partner. The staff was helpful, every ride easy to get to, it definitely was one hell of a cool down considering the Arizona heat was a high of 97 degrees. But the sounds coming from the RB Deep stage definitely caught our attention!

The main man himself Will Clarke was playing and closing Wet Electric and we knew we couldn’t miss it! Some of the hits nobody couldn’t stop moving to were Can you Fun, Booty Percolating’, and 8 bit. Looking around, shuffling, dancing, moving, everybody felt every beat! Closing out the night with one his newest releases “Feeling Good” [DIRTYBIRD] remix, we knew we had to stay to the end!

Like all good things though, they must come to an end! Overall ratings for the event, being the 10th anniversary the whole event was an absolute 10 out of 10. Big thanks to Activated Events and Relentless Beats, we can’t wait to go back again next year!


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