BeachLife Festival 2019 Experience, A Weekend of Reggae & Rock on Redondo Beach, CA, May 3-5


For the first time in history, BeachLife festival took place in SoCal this past weekend. BeachLife festival is a 3-day music event with a combination of reggae & rock located right on the shoreline of Redondo Beach, CA. Our team at Girlshredclips is local to RB, attending BeachLife was so much fun for us to meetup with our skater friends and listen to good music all weekend. Our team was unsure as to what to expect for this festival as this was the first year the event was happening, but we had a good feeling that it would be something special due to the incredible star-studded lineup and beautiful beach location. The good news is, not only did BeachLife blow us away with the stage setup and production, but there were lots of people attending for the first year and you could tell everyone was having a magical weekend at BeachLife.


Photo Credit: JP Cordero


There were a variety of people at BeachLife, from deadheads, skaters, preps, you name it! It was nice to see a festival officially in the South Bay of Los Angeles, and to see the type of culture the festival brought to the beach. Tied dyed T-shirt’s, fringe, kimonos, band tees, capris, sundresses and flower crowns all were popular to be worn by attendees. Most of the attendees were of course LA locals, however some attendees we spoke to came all the way from Bakersfield, San Diego, or Las Vegas!

One thing that we loved and noticed about BeachLife is that it was very kid friendly. There were more kids jamming out with their parents at this festival than anywhere else we had ever seen! Redondo Beach is known for being a more “family” dominating area in the Los Angeles area, so it was great to see so many locals coming from the area with the entire fam to enjoy the fun!


When first stepping into BeachLife and taking a look around the festival grounds, we could already tell that a lot of planning and creativity had gone on into making this festival a memorable experience. The main stage, High Tide stage, was very large and had a good view from anywhere across the floor. Synthetic grass was placed on the GA floor so festival goers could roll their blankets out and sit comfortably. The synthetic grass also helped keep the festival very clean throughout the entire time. There were chairs available for seating underneath the shade. VIP was setup on both sides, with VIP 2nd story tables on the right hand side. Over at the opposite end of the festival was the large side stage, Low Tide stage. The floor for GA was directly in the sand, making it comfortable and fun to take your shoes off and feel the sand between your feet while dancing. Having the floor directly in the sand really made the festival feel “Beachy”. Again VIP located on the right side of the stage, private bathrooms and bars for VIP were at both stages.

Some of our favorite sponsors of the festival included Body Glove sports wear, Country Archer Beef Jerky, Kevita Kombucha, and Ikon pass.


The festival had a ton of food options. Our favorite food vendor was Stay Cheesy, which had gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, yummy! Other vendors included tacos, mac & cheese, and pork sandwiches.

In terms of drinking the main bar was named the “Body Glove Bar” sponsored by Body Glove. A section of the bar area had drinking games sponsored by Tito’s handmade vodka including garbage basket beer pong, ping pong, and even cycling to blend your margarita! This turned the event into a true beach party.

What we liked most about the food & spirits was the wine bar area directly in the middle of the festival, in which you could purchase glasses of wine from a variety of wine sellers to enjoy. The area had shaded cabanas to sit underneath from the sun, and you could even get a woodfire pizza to have along your with wine. Fancy!


Photo Credit: JP Cordero


Friday was the first night of the festival, we were able to catch performances by Steel Pulse, Slightly Stoopid, and headliner Bob Weir & the Wolf Brothers. Steel Pulse is one of our favorite reggae bands and the group put on a Rastafarian irie show on the Low Tide stage at 4pm. The crowd was already grooving to the music with classic Steel Pulse songs like “Stepping Out” & “Ravers”.

dasy 1 jlcederblom51

Photo Credit: Jessie Lee Cederblom

The performance helped to kickoff the excitement for the rest of Friday evening, with Slightly Stoopid also performing on the Low Tide stage immediately after. Slightly Stoopid from neighboring city San Diego, is always a pleasure to see with a combination of folk, rock, reggae, blues, and hip-hop funk to their sound. Bob Weir came out as a surprise guest to join the band in singing a Tom Petty tribute, “You Don’t Know How It Feels” while the sunset in the backdrop. Finally to close the night we ended up over at the High Tide stage for the headlining performance by Bob Weir himself & the Wolf Brothers. Bob Weir is a founding member of the rock band the Grateful Dead. We could easily tell that we were among many Grateful Dead fans with supporting band T-shirt’s all around, and roaring excitement throughout the entirety of Bob Weir‘s performance. Closing out the first night of the festival with Bob Weir was pretty extraordinary and will be a memorable experience for the BeachLife OGs forever. Other performances on Friday included Alinea, Anuhea, The Higgs, Roots of Creation, Donovan Frankenreiter, Sack Lunch, Bruce Hornsby, Clayton Joseph Scott, As the Crow Flies, and Tim Curran.

dasy 1 jlcederblom130

Photo Credit: Jessie Lee Cederblom


The sun was shining and the wind was breezy for Day 2, beautiful weather! It was so nice to enjoy the great California bands right on the beach. We first went over to the High Tide stage and hung out to watch the set by Chevy Metal who performed an entire set of Van Halen’s songs. The band swayed the crowd as key drummer from the Foo Fighters, Taylor Hawkins, made the experience lively and fun while drumming, singing, and dancing in his cheetah pants. Our favorite song played was “Jamie’s Cryin”, it sounded exactly like the original song by Van Halen. While we were standing on the grounds of the High Tide stage, we noticed that people were watching right from their hotel balcony across the street and had the perfect view! Special guest Cat Wilson came out with Chevy Metal to perform and it was a real good time. We were stoked to have gotten to listen to so many of Van Halen‘s hits!- Saturday was off to a good start so far.


Photo Credit: Jessie Lee Cederblom

We then went over to watch the band Dawes perform on the Low Tide stage. Dawes is an American Folk rock band right from Los Angeles, CA. Some of the songs they performed at BeachLife include “Roll With The Punches” and “Feed The Fire”. We hadn’t heard of this band before, however it seemed like everyone else had! The crowd sung along with Dawes, and the band had a great time hanging out with the crowd with good vibes all around. We hung out for a bit after the performance ended at the Tito’s beach playground, then went back over to Low Tide stage to catch Jason Mraz. This was our first time seeing and hearing Jason Mraz, and were pleasantly surprised. We came to find out that Jason Mraz is a Grammy Award nominee and is from San Diego, originally coming to the coffee shop scene in 2000. His music was chill and relaxed, perfect for BeachLife festival. With a beautiful pink sky sunset, and high fives all around for good vibes, we were having a great time dancing to Jason Mraz’s music. After attending BeachLife, we will definitely be listening to more of Jason Mraz in the future! Other artists on Saturday included Latchkey Kid, Berlin, Sugar Ray, Barley, Everclear, Best Coast, V Torres, His Eyes have Fangs, Violent Femmes, Tomorrows Bad Seeds and headliner, Brian Wilson.


Photo Credit: Jessie Lee Cederblom


Sunday of course was the last day of the festival. The weather was cloudy which was actually perfect as we had natural coverage and did not need to shy away from the sun. We got to the festival to checkout Grace Potter on the High Tide stage, who’s music is a combination of rock and pop mix. We loved her sound and her voice was absolutely beautiful. It was nice to chill out and sit on our blanket in the grass after a long weekend, with a cold beer in hand and listen to her sing.


Photo Credit: Jessie Lee Cederblom

After we went over to see another one of our favorite reggae artists, Ziggy Marley, at the Low Tide stage. With our feet in the sand and palm trees blowing in the wind in the backdrop, we really felt at home. There were even bubbles! Some of our favorite reggae songs were performed including the classic “One Love” song by the great Bob Marley. We also got to hear a Ziggy Marley original, “Beach In Hawaii” and learned a new song “I Don’t Wanna Live On Mars”. Ziggy Marley was one of our favorite performances from the weekend at BeachLife, as everyone was getting loose and shaking it up dancing to the reggae music!


Photo Credit: Jessie Lee Cederblom

Finally, the weekend had to come to an end and we went over to see the country music legend Willie Nelson & Family. Willie Nelson is in his sixth decade career, and has over 200 plus albums. Willie Nelson is 86 years old, and had a strong performance at BeachLife. He had an amazing voice throughout the entire set – which is pretty mind blowing for an old guy! It was a great show and we were glad we had the opportunity to witness this country legend perform. Other performances on Sunday included Venice, Hollow Legs, Chris Pierce, Keller, Colin Hay, Poncho Sanchez, Blues Traveler, Big Head Todd, Lost Beach, Charlie Overbey, and Matt Costa.


Photo Credit: Jessie Lee Cederblom

Closing the festival with Willie Nelson, and the rest of the weekend combined really made BeachLife a “magical” weekend to say the least, we are so glad we were able to make it. Thank you BeachLife for putting together this event, we can’t wait for next year!

Day 2 & 3 @beachlifefestival

Here is our Day 1 Recap of @beachlifefestival with @steelpulseofficial @slightlystoopid & @bobweir.

Wet Electric 2019 Experience

What’s going on guys! This year, Girlshredclips had the awesome experience of going to the 10th Anniversary of Wet Electric last week Saturday, April 27th. Activated Events and Relentless Beats has hosted this event at Big Surf Tempe with an outstanding setup! The wave pool that held over 2.5 million gallons of water also was the host for the events Main Stage. With an artist line up like Benny Benassi, RL Grime, and What So Not, damn right it was a wild wave pool!

With doors opening at noon at Big Surf, it was a private held event for Wet Electric.  Right when you walked in, the atmosphere was cool! The excitement of being in one of Arizona’s biggest water park and hearing B Stew mix some cool ass sounds together, you could tell the day was going to be one hell of a time! Not to mention the RB Deep Stage took us by surprise! A whole section stage having a whole different set of funky beats! Artist such as Bruno Furlan, Sacha Roboti and Will Clark, we knew this one stage with such a cool setup was going to be packed!

The amenities that came as a guest to the park were all available. Lockers for purchase, food vendors, and an awesome bar right in the center of the festival as well as other locations spread throughout the park. VIP, now, that was cool! Right outside the main stage, a lawn filled with bean bags and hammocks were available for viewing all under a shady area with a bar available for the private viewers.

Once settled, our team grabbed a drink and headed right into the music. One key Dj that literally had everyone at the stage and soaked was, course Benny Benassi! He played almost every hit! But when Cinema played then he dropped the Skrillex remix, every person in that wave pool could not stop moving! It was insane! The music was loud, the people were roaring, singing, dancing, it was awesome!

Stepping outside of the Wave Stage, Girlshredclips had to check out the rides the park had to offer! Big Surf itself was pretty cool! They offered 6 different slides you can plummet from. With lines not bad at all, we did them over and over! Some individual rides and some you can do with a partner. The staff was helpful, every ride easy to get to, it definitely was one hell of a cool down considering the Arizona heat was a high of 97 degrees. But the sounds coming from the RB Deep stage definitely caught our attention!

The main man himself Will Clarke was playing and closing Wet Electric and we knew we couldn’t miss it! Some of the hits nobody couldn’t stop moving to were Can you Fun, Booty Percolating’, and 8 bit. Looking around, shuffling, dancing, moving, everybody felt every beat! Closing out the night with one his newest releases “Feeling Good” [DIRTYBIRD] remix, we knew we had to stay to the end!

Like all good things though, they must come to an end! Overall ratings for the event, being the 10th anniversary the whole event was an absolute 10 out of 10. Big thanks to Activated Events and Relentless Beats, we can’t wait to go back again next year!



Events to Include: Parade of Bass, GTA, Deorro, Zedd, Release Pool Party Series, Slushii, Jai Wolf and More
Phoenix Lights Aftermovie Takes Fans Back to an Out of this World Experience
Phoenix, AZ (May 01, 2019)  – Relentless Beats has announced their schedule for May, as Arizona’s leading dance music and EDM promoter wraps another festival season that began with last September’s Goldrush Festival and concluded last weekend with Wet Electric. And while the festival season may have concluded for the time being, Relentless Beats has a full schedule of shows, another season of Release Pool Parties and of course festival announcements..
May events are to include: Parade of Bass Festival; GTA; Ruckus; Deorro; Slander; Ray Volpe & Uber; Zedd; Lil John; Slushii; NGHTMRE + Seven Lions; Ilan Bluestone; Croatia Squad & SNBRN; Redlight; Midnight Tyrannosaurus; Autograf; Yellow Claw; Wax Motif; Steve Aoki; Justin Jay and Jai Wolf.
Also launching today is the Phoenix Lights 2019 Official Aftermovie. Expertly captured by Thrill Wave Productions over a whirlwind two days at The Park at Wild Horse Pass, fans from across the country made the 5th Anniversary of Phoenix Lights one for the record books.
Full event calendar and links to support pages is included below. Visit for the most up-to-date information on all Relentless Beats events. Stay connected on Instagram and Twitter at @PHXLightsFest and on Facebook at
SCHEDULE:   01-May:           Parade of Bass Festival

                                                Venue: Balloon Museum Park (Albuquerque)
03-May:           GTA
                                                Support:  JSTJR, Happy Colors
                                                Venue: Pretty Please (Scottsdale)
03-May:           Ruckus
                                                Venue: Salt (Glendale)
04-May:           Deorro – Release Pool Party
                                                Support:  Electric Polar Bears, Brett Ortiz, Medicine Mike

                                                Venue: Talking Stick Resort (Scottsdale)
04-May:           GTA
                                                Support:  Nadastrom, Rare, Mc White
                                                Venue: Gentle Ben’s (Tucson)
04-May:           Slander
                                                Support:  Wavedash
                                                Venue: The Van Buren
04-May:           Ray Volpe & Ubur
                                                Venue: The Green Room (Flagstaff)
05-May:          Zedd – Release Pool Party
                                               Support:  Transit, Slippe, Rampant
                                               Venue: Talking Stick Resort (Scottsdale)
05-May:           Lil Jon
                                                Venue: Cityscape
10-May:           Slushii
                                                Venue: The Van Buren
                                                Support:  Dark Mark, The Kid Eric
                                                Venue: Talking Stick Resort (Scottsdale)
11-May:           Ilan Bluestone
                                                Venue: Shady Park (Tempe)
                                                Venue: Talking Stick Resort (Scottsdale)
18-May:           Redlight
                                                Venue:  Shady Park (Tempe)
24-May:           Midnight Tyrannosaurus
                                                Support:  Cromatik
                                                Venue: Gentle Ben’s (Tucson)
24-May:           Autograf
                                                Venue: Shady Park (Tempe)
25-May:           Yellow Claw – Memorial Day Weekend
                                                Support:  Grandtheft, Blossom, Highline
                                                Venue:  Talking Stick Resort (Scottsdale)
25-May:           Midnight Tyrannosaurus
                                                Support:  Kai WAchi, Yakz, Cromatik
                                                Venue: The Pressroom
25-May:           Autograf
                                                Venue:  Gentle Ben’s (Tucson)
25-May:           Wax Motif
                                                Venue:  AURA (Tempe)
26-May:           Steve Aoki – Memorial Day Weekend
                                                Support:  Lost Kings, Michael James, Alaska
                                                Venue:  Talking Stick Resort (Scottsdale)
26-May:           Justin Jay
                                                Venue: Shady Park (Tempe)
30-May:           Jai Wolf
                                                Support:  Girraffage, Midoca
                                                Venue:  The Van Buren
Phoenix Lights 2019 Official Aftermovie:


Diplo, REZZ, Above & Beyond, Alison Wonderland, Zeds Dead and Marshmello to Headline Along With Over 30 Additional Artists
Tickets Now On Sale For Atlanta’s Largest EDM Camping Festival


Atlanta, GA (April 23, 2019) – After giving fans a glimpse into Chapter Six of the aquatic fairytale, with the release of the theme for Imagine 2019- What Lies Deep at the Bottom of the Ocean, the first round lineup is finally here. Featuring a series of mind-blowing headliners, as well as talent that underscores the depth of this annual announcement, fans are once again invited back to this aquatic mecca September 20-22, 2019. Headlining artists joining previously announced Seven Lions, include: Diplo; REZZ; Above & Beyond; Alison WonderlandZeds Dead and Marshmello.   With still more headliners to be announced, this initial collection of top tier names are joined by over 30 additional artists.

Featuring four main stages, with more stages and artists to be announced, Imagine’s 
immersive aquatic fairytale will permeate all areas of the festival- from the infield to deep into the early morning in the camping areas. Additional artists on the 2019 performer lineup include: Oceania Stage: Alan Walker; KSHMR; Matoma; 1788-L; Ghastly; K?D; Leah Culver; Said the Sky and Svdden Death. Amazonia Stage: Louis the Child; Tipper; Cherub; Detox Unit; GoldfishPhantoms and Thriftworks. Disco Inferno Stage: Claude Vonstroke & Dirtybird Players Stage Takeover; Anna Lunoe; Dr. Fresch; J.Philip; Justin Jay; Justin Martin; Nora En Pure; Rusko; Wax Motif; Grave Gang and HE$H. Aeria Stage: BT; Darude; AK1200 and Reid Speed.

“Finally we are able to let the cat out of the bag and show our fans what has taken many months to curate,” says Iris Presents founders Glenn and Madeleine Goodhand. “Each year we challenge ourselves to top the previous lineup and that is proving to be more and more difficult. We are thrilled with the initial lineup and have many more gems to reveal over the next few months.”
Returning September 20-22, 2019, Imagine continues to further evolve embracing the aquatic theme that has been its hallmark over the past six years. Fans can stay connected for updates on Instagram at, Twitter at and Facebook at
General Admission is available now starting at $199 for a 3-day pass and $249 for a 

3-day pass with camping

. VIP passes with express entry into festival, exclusive viewing areas, VIP bars and lounges, and private air-conditioned VIP trailer restrooms start at $299 for a 3-day pass and $329 with a 

3-day pass with

camping. Payment plans are available for a downpayment as low as $57.00, where fans can elect for four low monthly installments. Tickets are available online at Imagine Music Festival is an 18 and over event.

Imagine Music Festival is produced by Iris Presents. Visit for the most up-to-date information.